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Hearing aid use and care

Hearing aids, like other assistive devices, need to be properly cared for in order to ensure best results and optimal performance. When you receive your hearing aids — especially if these are your first — your hearing aid technician will address a few topics essential to proper use and care including:

  • How the hearing aid functions, including both manual and digital settings (e.g. volume). If a smartphone app is available for your particular hearing aid model, the technician will review how to use the software to make adjustment to the volume and settings, or to check things such as battery levels.
  • How to use accessories that come with your hearing aids, such as a remote control. Your hearing aids may also have the ability to connect directly to other audio sources, such as smartphones or televisions.
  • How to properly insert and remove the hearing aid to ensure optimal sound transmission (acoustic fit) and overall comfort (physical fit). Making sure your hearing aids are worn properly will ensure a comfortable fit, and make it less likely that they will be dislodged or fall out while being worn.
  • How to clean the hearing aid / earpieces, including the wax guards (if applicable). Earwax is naturally and continually produced within the ear; wax guards help prevent the wax from “gumming up the works”; that is, getting into the electronics of the hearing aid and causing issues.
  • How to store your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries, and how to change or charge the batteries. Some hearing aid models use rechargeable batteries, while others use disposable ones. Most hearing aids have a Regardless of type, batteries (and hearing aids) need to be kept away from sources of heat and high humidity when not in use. Also ensure both are kept out of reach of small children and pets.
  • The conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty, including the length of the warranty period and what the warranty covers in terms of damage, repairs, and/or loss.

If you have any questions about using and maintaining your hearing aids, ask you hearing aid technician for assistance.