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Many consider hearing loss a natural part of the aging process, but the reality is that only 30 percent of hearing loss is caused by aging alone. Noise exposure, viral infections and chronic health conditions such as Diabetes are just some of the causes of hearing loss.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations with follow-up care and support

When you're 55 or older, you should have your hearing tested at least every two years.

Industrial Hearing Tesing and reporting

We offer efficient and knowledgeable services that come right to your place of business.

Custom Ear Moulds

CSA approved custom ear defenders; musician molds; swim molds; sleeper molds and much more available!

Personal Listening Devices

Whether it's bluetooth for your hearing aids or a stand alone device, we try and help in any way we can.

Why Innovative Hearing

We offer you a personalized journey into the world of hearing.

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Services like no other. If you have a mobility issue, we come right to you! We understand the importance of hearing well.