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Hearing is important to your overall health. At Innovative Hearing Technology, we provide mobile hearing tests and industrial hearing tests to evaluate and assess hearing loss. We also work with a range of suppliers to provide a line of assistive devices, including hearing aids, to help improve your hearing and overall quality of life.

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Hearing Tests

A hearing test will determine if hearing loss is present. We will assess your hearing ability compared to age-appropriate hearing levels, and assess your ability to hear and comprehend speech.

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Industrial Hearing Tests

For employers, we provide industrial hearing tests. Our mobile unit is fully-equipped to visit businesses and worksites around southwestern and west-central Manitoba.

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When should I get my hearing tested?

Make an appointment to get a hearing test if you: are 40 – 50 years of age; have close relatives with hearing loss; have trouble hearing conversations; are around/or used to be around loud noises on a regular basis; often hear ringing in your ears.

Hear this… a few facts about hearing loss

You're not alone.

1 in 5 people worldwide live with hearing loss. That’s 1.5 billion people. About one-third of persons with hearing loss require rehabilitative services. — WHO World Report on Hearing

1 in 5

You're not alone.

In Canada, 35% of the adult population (8.4 million) have some degree of hearing loss in the high-frequency range where age-related hearing loss typically begins. – Health Reports, 2015


35 Percent

Perception is everything.

77% of adults with at least a slight hearing loss are not aware they aren’t hearing properly. – Canadian Heath Measures Survey, 2012-2015


77 percent

Don’t wait. Get tested.

On average, there is a delay of seven years between the onset of hearing loss and an individual seeking help. – Hearing Review, 2014


7 years

Lisa Ballageer, RHAP and Licensed Industrial Audiometric Technician

What others have said…

“Thank you for your caring service. It was all very new to me, but I learned so much. I really appreciated all the home visits and getting used to my hearing aids — such great technology! Good choice of colour, Lisa!” — Avis S., Oct. 4, 2021

“Great! Outstanding! Very good personal service. [Lisa] goes out of her way to help and accommodate choice of hearing aids to suit your needs. Lots of testing until completely satisfied. Highly recommend.” – Paul F., Sept 25, 2021