How to Pick the Best Hearing Aid(s) for You.

The best hearing aid type depends on your hearing loss, lifestyle and preferences. 

The most important factors for hearing aid success are acoustic fit and physical fit. 

Acoustic fit is how well a Licensed hearing care professional programs the aid(s) to your specific hearing needs. 

Physical fit has to do with how well they fit in your ear(s), which affects both hearing and comfort.

*most manufacturers offer four levels of technology, such as basic, standard, advanced and premium*

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Understanding your hearing is important to your overall health

Make an appointment to get a hearing test if you: 1. Are 40 - 50 years of age 2. Have close relatives with hearing loss. 3. Have trouble hearing conversations. 4. Are around/or used to be around loud noises on a regular basis. 5. Often hear ringing in your ears. .

.... What you need to do ...

To find out if you have hearing loss book your appointment to see your hearing professional today.

Talk to your hearing professional about the different solutions surrounding your hearing loss.

Get fit with a device/hearing aid(s) and make sure you are comfortable using these devices/hearing aid(s).

Understand when they need to be repaired. This can take some time too. The best thing to do is to be patient with yourself.

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I'm a Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner who is also Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and a Licensed Industrial Audiometric Technician.


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