Hearing Tests

A hearing test is performed to detect, measure and diagnose hearing loss. The testing typically takes about 45 minutes to one hour to complete, and it is designed to give a full picture of the extent of an individual’s hearing issues.

Following a visual examination of the ears for blockages (e.g. earwax, foreign objects), we’ll ask a variety of questions to establish a case history. Then, a variety of hearing tests will be performed to determine the sensitivity of hearing across the full range of speech. Ability to hear sounds is measured in multiple ways: volume/level (in decibels) and pitch/frequency are just a couple of the many tests performed.

We’ll communicate the audiogram to you and your loved one(s) and we’ll send a copy of this to your family doctor with a full explanation in a report to them. If further follow-up is needed medically, your family doctor/or specialist will follow up with you. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, this is determined after medical clearance has been determined. As a Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, we can source, fit and provide adjustments/repair/maintenance with proper care and use of your hearing aids.

Our hearing tests are performed from our Mobile Hearing Centre. We come to you! It’s less stressful and very convenient.

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Man holidng his hand up to his ear

Hearing Tests… What to expect


We’ll start by explaining how the testing works and the steps we’ll take to complete the evaluation.

Step 1

Visual examination

We’ll perform a visual examination of your ears looking for physical blockages.

Step 2

Case history

By asking a range of approximately 25 questions, we’ll develop a personalized case history.

Step 3

Hearing test

The actual hearing test is the final step in the process, taking approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Step 4